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We are screening and qualifying candidates who are interested in becoming new eStore owners to open their own specialty eStore and sell their products!!
All members who "Register" with Webitis will qualify to receive a Free "Bronze Level" eStore, with the option to upgrade to a higher store level, depending on their requirements.

Also Note:
If, as a new eStore owner, you need an additional eStore category placed within the directory, or if you would like to customize an eStore environment, including having your own URL,
Please feel free to Contact us with your request... A Web designer will be assigned to your project!

eStore Lease Configurations Available
Store Diamante $100.00 5 Kbs 15000 Kbs 150 150
Store Platinum $75.00 5 Kbs 11000 Kbs 110 110
Store Gold $50.00 5 Kbs 7000 Kbs 70 70
Store Silver $25.00 5 Kbs 3000 Kbs 30 30
Store Bronze $12.50 5 Kbs 1500 Kbs 15 15

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