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Webitis.net ... A Portal To Remember !


Objective: Members to understand.

When! Why! What! to expect ... "Once all is placed together!"

Ad Master Banners - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

All the needed tools to manage banners advertisement campaigns across all our sites. Members can target ads to specific pages and/or specific sections of a page. ... Read More

Blog Journals - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

The ability of giving every member their own personal blog journal. Members can choose to list their blog journal in a categorized directory, that they feel best describes them as a writers. Members can browse to other members and add other blog journals to their "blog journal roll", comment on postings and subscribe to new posts. The blog journal is intended for the member to be able to keep up-to date content about the member and their writing, being able to communicate with their readers! ... Read More

Catalog - Gifts Of Hope! - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Provides a powerful tool for creating an online catalog – whether it is to display items for sale, for show, or to organize data. Each top level category is configured separately, allowing it to be used for a variety of purposes. ... Read More

Classified Ads - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

A customizable and flexible Classifieds system, which gives our member the ability to buy or sell a variety of products and services. Such as: Cars, boats, cleaning services, personal ads, a business directory, help wanted and/or through any of the categories within its directory, with endless options. Additional category request if the category that you are looking for is missing. Each category is configured separately, with its own submission form and display templates. Members can place ads, contact others who have placed ads, conduct searches, request email notifications when ads matching their search criteria have been posted, bookmark ads, receive email warnings when their ads are about to expire, etc. ... Read More

eCards (Greetings) - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Greeting eCards allows visitors to create electronic postcards (ecards) to their friends and family. eCards are provided that can be customized (colors, images, text, etc). ... Read More

Email Pro - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Gives us the means to offer our members their own web-based email accounts at our domain. Every registered member receives their own account. ... Read More

Forum Discussionss - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Forums is a dynamic, fully customizable discussion forum system that includes many features that cater to the user's wants and needs. ... Read More

Friends Network - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Friends Network transforms our website into a gathering place, offering each member a multi-level of Friendships where they can have global or private conversations, sharing also photos and comments. ... Read More

Games Gallery Center - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

The Games Gallery provides a package of fun games our members can play for credits. Included games are: Poker, Black Jack, In Between, Hangman and Memory. ... READ MORE

Members Manager - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Members Manager provides the membership database and management tools that are the backbone of our entire software site, tying all solutions together into one cohesive unit. Visitors can register and become official. ... READ MORE

>> Affiliate Program - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

This module gives our site the ability to reward members who refer new members to our site. Its very simple ... Once a member registers, the member can also became an affiliate, giving the ability to the affiliate member to be credited on referrals, if the referred visitor becomes a member by sign up, and it will credit also for each member that upgrades to a paid membership level, and for each recurring payment received from that member. ... Read More

>> Mailer Manager - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Mailer allows us to create mailing lists which our members can then subscribe to. Also generates mailing lists based on member data, and survey responses ( Surveys). ... Read More

>> Payment Gateway - [ See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Payment works in conjunction with several other programs to allow charges for services. It can integrate with either Paypal or 2CheckOut for smooth billing. ... Read More

>> Refer It - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Refer It provides visitors with an easy way to recommend a specific page to their friends. It all comes down to a link – Refer It detects what page a user is on ... Read More

News Headlines - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Offers our members their choice of RSS news feeds, grabbed from across the Internet and presented on our site. Members can subscribe to news feeds that are set up in advance. They can also add their own news. ... Read More

Open Directory Project - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

The Open Directory Project is the largest human edited website directory on the Internet, encompassing thousands upon thousands of site listings. This makes it a great service to offer our members. ... Read More

Organizations - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Organization Clubs transforms our website into a network of micro-organizations (communities / clubs / groups ). Each Organization contains a variety of features – a discussion board. ... READ MORE

Photo Albums - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Photo Albums allows members to create their own personal photo albums. Albums can be listed in a public directory for viewing by other users, who can also rate photos ... Read More

Photo Gallery - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Photo Gallery automates the management of large picture archives. Images stored on our server are automatically displayed in a searchable directory, and can also be viewed. ... READ MORE

Polls - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Online Polls provides webmasters with the means of soliciting consistent feedback from their membership through multiple-choice polls that can be inserted into any page. ... READ MORE

Publisher + It's Tools - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Publisher is a powerful content management tool and site organizer. You can support user-submitted articles, business listings, reviews, editorials, or any other type of information. ... Read More

Quizzes - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

An online quiz application that allows us to offer site members a variety of quizzes. Add custom responses for each quiz to make each unique. Users can check their results at any time and see how they did compared to the average. ... READ MORE

Shopping Mall - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Gives our members the ability to become eStore owners, where their can sell their own specialty products and/or services. Members are able to manage it through a very simple control panel which we call it (Owner Gateway Manager). ... Read More

>> Shopping Cart - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Shopping Cart provides you with a fully featured e-commerce solution. Target various items, presented in unique templates, to our members and site visitors. Offers special discounts to key member groups to encourage loyalty and strong sales. ... Read More

Site Search - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Our Site Search offers a powerful search tool to the community. It works in conjunction with others to offer a site wide search within our various applications. ... Read More

Surveys - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

We are able to set up a series of survey questions and then present them in multiple surveys to find out just what our site visitors and Social Community ... Read More

Video Gallery - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Movies and video are the hottest thing on the internet. A website without video is missing the next generation. Video Gallery is a full-featured video sharing application that allows members to upload and share ... Read More

Web Daily Organizer - (MyHomePage) - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

A personal touch members own personal "start page", so that it's always there when they first access the Web. It is fully integrated with all our social media applications| ... READ MORE

Bellow are a few examples of the module apps which MyHomePage interacts with :

>> Briefcase (Private & Shareable) - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

This module empowers our members to upload and share files with other site members. Each member can upload files of different types permitted ... READ MORE

>> Calendars (Private & Shareable - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

A one of a kind ... Calendars gives our site a special touch, which let us give our members a calendar system for use on our website (Internet or Intranet). ... READ MORE

>> Favorite Links - (Private) - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

>> Notepad - (Private) - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Another additional special touch, which gives our members the ability to have a private NotePad system on the go, within on our website (Internet or Intranet). ... READ MORE

>> To Do's - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

A one of a kind ... To Do's gives our site a special touch, which let us give our members a system to do stuff on or off our website (Internet or Intranet). ... READ MORE

Website Creator (HTML|WEAVER) - [See it in Action]

+ App Intro | (Open) -

Weaver allows us to offer members the ability to create their own personal homepages. Members have access to either of two editors: A point-and-click editor (Site Weaver) and for more advanced users (HTML-Weaver)... | + READ MORE

Hard to understand or if you can not find When, Why or What to do, because the questions are not being answered within our tutorials, please feel free to Contact us.

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