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    Our Marketing departments objective is to find ways and develop new programs to attract new members and retain those members as regular users of our site.
    These programs are created with the intent to seek and align ourselves with Partners that can add, complement, and be complemented, with such Partnerships, to provide interesting new challenges and materials and to help us … to help heal a wounded world.

    Academic Scholarship Partner

    Public or private institutions, which must add to and complement the “Scholarship Program”, which has the potential to enrich Academic Standards by encouraging students to apply themselves and qualify for scholarships and internships given throughout the school year, while being directly involved in humanitarian and world-wide causes, with the common goal and purpose ...

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    Affiliate Prog.

    As an affiliate, you will receive a commission on all new members who have signed up and has contributed monetarily within any organization in our website, resulting from your referral. (i.e., Membership up-grades, shopping, advertisement, and sponsorship of non-profit organizations).

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    Content Partner

    Members who can excel as our Super Users with there own material.
    Such as: Photography & Video Documentary, Writers (writing short stories, column articles, the news , etc ... ), Joke Tellers ( ), Designers ( ) ... that have the edge and can add complementary causes to our Webitis Network, with potential aptitude, that allow us to enhance and enrich such causes with the common goal of sponsoring those same causes with the same purpose …

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    Non-Profit Org. Partner

    Organizations shall have, and can add, complementary causes to our Webitis Network, with a potential aptitude, that allows us to enhance and enrich causes with the common goal of sponsoring those same causes with the same purpose …

    ( >> READ MORE)

    Strategic Investor Partner (Investment Opportunities)

    Our legal department, will answer any questions and/or issues relating to and concerning with this Program. Please Contact us, describing your investment opportunity intentions, questions and/or concerns.

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    Strategic Web Partner (Products & Services)

    Business entities, which can add complementary web base technology products and/or services to our Webitis network, with a potential aptitude that allows us to address the same market. These web base tools, objectively, shall have one fundamental target area; the capture, retention, and expansion of the number of network members.

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    Contact us, if you have ideas, concerns, questions, or suggestions about any of the programs.
    We will be happy to hear from you and are open to listening and discussing new ideas or proposals.
    The Admin (C.E.O.): Carrasco

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