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  • Tutorial Center - Beginners & Pro’s finding the way!

    We've created this Center to make the navigational experience, through our site, as pleasant and easy as possible. Others call it "help" - we call it a "Tutorial"! We actually teach you how to take advantage of all the tools that we have to offer, thru the implementation of the Step By Step, Page By Page Tutorial System! We are attempting to guide our members, and to answer, in advance, any navigational questions that they may have!

    To access Webpage’s TUTORIAL click the button Page By Page Tutorial System found mostely at the top right of the page!


    1st - INTRO SITE MAP - Why! When! What!

    Introduces site features and concepts, giving members a quick understanding of our module applications. Why, When, and What to expect, such as: Key Features, Administration, User Experience, and Expectations.

    We highly recommend members to visit » INTRO SITE MAP. You will find a brief description of all modules that you can expand to »» READ MORE WWW! Once you click the link, you should see it appear in a pop-up window at the top left of your screen, and within that window you will see all the details in reference to the module.

    All browser and firewalls have a pop-up blocking feature, If the Intro Site Map » READ MORE WWW! or the “Tutorial Page” pop-up window does not load, please be sure that you allow pop-up’s from Webitis.net within your settings. If the settings are set to accept pop-up's and you still do not see the window, then a different pop-up window is already open. In that case, you should locate the pop-up window within one of your "already open" browser windows.

    Also, to avoid future errors and security issues, once you have become a Webitis member, you should place Webitis.net under your trusted sites to be able to use all it's features.

    2nd - TUTORIAL - Contains three parts!

    Our site has a "one-of-a-kind" technical help feature, where Beginners & Pro’s learn how to browse within each individual Webitis page, we call it Tutorial, and contains three parts, for quick easy access and quick response.

    1st – Our site has a "Tutorial" link within the “webpage’s header” that is located at the top of our pages. Once you click on that Tutorial link, you should see it appear in a pop-up window at the top left of your screen. The Tutorial window will have helpful tips on how to best use the features regarding the page being explored.

    Example: If you are in the “Classifieds” section and are not sure how to place an ad, click the Tutorial link, or if you are in the discussion “Forums” and want to know how to add a message, click the Tutorial link, etc. The Tutorial will always be there for you.

    Although, sometimes, depending on which section of the site you are in, you will be viewing our standard “By Default” tutorial answer. As a guide or learning experience, please find the "Tutorial" link located at the top left of this page and click on that Tutorial link to be able to see what the window looks like.

    2nd – The Tutorial page will have helpful information even if you are viewing our standard “By Default” tutorial pop-up window. You should follow the advice by visiting the “ Technical Support Forum Page“; and since the forum is a "Question & Answer" system, it may already contain the answer to your question. If you don’t find the answer that you are looking for, you should post your question. Create a separate New Thread for each question and it will be answered accordingly.

    3rdContact us any time.
    Throughout our site, you will find many different ways of contacting us. The most common is found at the bottom footer of all our pages; “Contact us”. Click on that link to initiate contact and follow the instructions provided.
    The Admin (C.E.O.): Carrasco

    1003-16 - GST: Tutorial Center

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