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SO ONCE YOU REGISTER ….WE WILL BE CLOSER TO OUR Membership GOAL : ( 1,000,000,000 )

Converting our goal into dollars ... with your help ...

A possibility of achieving, on average, $1,000,000.00 per program.

Joining us gives us the opportunity to Help Others! We will be able to attract corporations, whom are willing to purchase advertiser campaigns, and provide us revenue / proceeds, helping us to fulfill some of our organizations’ objectives

... enabling us to do more!

W e b i t i s A s s o c i a t i o n . o r g

" WORLD HUNGER " - Help Eradicate Hunger and Malnutrition !

" Help " - SHERI DAVIS - Regain happiness !


We @ Webitis have created and developed this Non-Profit “Social Media Network“ with the conservative thought of revolutionizing and restructuring the web's overall social media zones, where people from all ages and walks of life, with different and common interests, gather, have fun, and get the opportunity to share their views and join forces in various causes.

Our site contains the most innovative and interactive, clutter free Internet applications, providing unbelievable overall control and great performance, with a step by step, page by page Tutorial System, giving members another meaning to The Power Of The Internet.

"Clutter Free" Internet apps allow members to . . . >>> [READ MORE]

- Members are able to do it all ... while following organizations of interest, and supporting them thru sponsorship levels, or direct involvement by joining, which is available to every active member.

- Members who own or are starting a new business, get the needed tools to help them manage and grow, either for profit or non/profit, their online Organizations.

Such as: Creating advertisement campaigns within our banners placement, AdMaster, Classified Ads, eStores within our Shopping Mall, Websites designed with our Site Weaver Creator and much more.

In order to access all we offer within many areas of our site, we encourage you to create a membership.

It's "FREE" - and every member who joins us, will help a Non-Profit Organization of their choice!

"Global Warming", “Going Green”, “Endangered Species”, “Health/Diseases”, "Natural Disasters", "Hunger", and/or Giving A Helping Hand to the elderly, a child, a family, the handicapped, etc.

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